Trees/big plants

Trees/big plants

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real ting."

Abraham Lincoln


Welcome to our web shop! See here Nova-Nature’s complete program with ‘Trees’, which is easy and convenient to order via this web shop. Please have a look in the categories trees you need. All items which are available are marked with a green dot.

When you’re successfully logged in, you’ll see our (wholesale/export carton) prices under each item. If not, please go to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and login with your (approved) email address and password.
After you have ordered the first item, you will be directed to ‘MY SHOPPING CART’ to finish the order, but when you need more items, please choose for the option ‘SHOP SOME MORE’, so you’ll get back to the web shop again. Now you can order more items quicker by just clicking on the button ‘ORDER’.
Later on, when you’re finished, you can click on the shopping cart to get into the overview of all selected items… you can adjust the quantities of inner cartons as required (please try to keep full cartons) and click on the button ‘NEXT STEP’.
Please check here your invoice and shipping information, fill in additional information at ‘Remarks’ and finally click on the blue button ‘CONFIRM ORDER’.
Your order is now send to Nova-Nature. We will enter your order in our system and confirm you again by e-mail, so you can make adjustments if necessary before we start picking the order
Good luck and thanks in advance!
Team Nova Nature


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